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Why choose Independent Thinking as your search consultants?

  • We know the independent school industry AND we know how to conduct a successful executive search

  • We have earned a strong reputation for our successful outcomes and the integrity we bring to the work

  • We understand the importance of taking into account the unique elements of a school:  there is not one approach that works for every school

  • We have been doing this work full-time for over 22 years; it is not retirement work but work we are highly committed to doing right and well

  • The boutique nature of our firm ensures that our select clients receive great attention with all aspects of a search being attended to by a knowledgable partner

Top Ten Considerations When Hiring a Search Firm:

10.  Can the consultant market the job effectively and recruit successfully--generating a strong          candidate pool?

  9.  Will we, as a search committee, feel good about these consultants representing our school?       Are they energized about working with us?

  8. Will the search consultants interact well with our students, faculty, parents, alumni and

       trustees, ensuring that our constituents will feel:

  • Confident about the Search Committee's first big decision?

  • They can really talk to the consultants about leadership needs and be heard?

  • Great about the consultants representing their school?

  7. Are they open-minded and do they listen well?

  6. Are they adept judges of character?

  5. What administrative pieces of the work do they manage and what will be our tasks?

  4. Will the consultants work with  us, give us control in our process and respect our input and


  3. Will they drive the process, meet the deadlines and work really hard for us?

  2. Will they balance being receptive to the committee's thoughts and ideas with being direct

      with their own impressions and experiences to ensure a great process?

  1. Can the consultant find our school the right Head of School for who we are today and where

      we want to go?

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