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Candidate Information

Candidates who have worked with IT appreciate our professionalism, our willingness and ability to provide knowledgable guidance, feedback, and support, and our responsive and timely communication. We have a strong commitment to getting to know our candidates, and we have supported many individuals as they work to achieve career goals. ​Schools are responsible for IT fees; there is no fee for IT candidates.

  • If you know you want to apply for a position the IT team has posted, please email us the materials requested in the position description.

  • If you are interested in a position posted but would like to learn more, send us an email, and please include your resume so we can have a good introduction to your experience.

  • If you are thinking about exploring new opportunities sometime in the next few years, reach out and introduce yourself to the IT team. We will ask for your resume, seek to gain a sense of what you would be interested in exploring, and ask you to complete our candidate information form so your information will be in our database.

Be an educated, thoughtful job seeker

  • Your documents are your marketing materials. Put in the time to make sure they represent you well, pay careful attention to details, and recognize that generic letters of interest are ineffective. Check out our Blog for some posts on these topics.

  • When conducting a search for a senior administrator position, you can work with multiple firms.

  • Head of School searches are different from every other independent school job search. You must work with the search firm the school chooses. When you are ready to start looking for a Head of School position, seek advice and introduce yourself to the various search consultants--some positions are not widely (or ever) posted. Know that these searches often actively begin 16-18 months in advance of appointment date. 

  • Typically you can be assured confidentiality in a search until you accept an invitation to be a finalist. Discuss this with the search consultant or Head of School conducting the search.

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