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Search Services 

Head of School Search Services

The Independent Thinking team will bring its significant industry knowledge and strong network to its work with your school as you search for a new Head of School. The IT team's work is characterized by an appreciation for the distinct culture and needs of its clients' schools, and an unwavering commitment to a successful outcome.

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Administrator Search Services

Independent Thinking will
  • Work closely with school leadership to define ideal candidate profile


  • Manage all advertising, conduct initial interviews, and prepare candidate materials for your review


  • Develop strong candidate pools through direct outreach and active marketing


  • Guide and support the entire process, until search is successfully completed


  • Provide great service and great value.

Let us run your search so you can run your school

The IT team remembers well what it was like to try and keep a search moving forward while helping to lead a school: reviewing resumes in the evenings and making a list of all the individuals you would reach out to the next day. Starting the day with the best intentions, but inevitably, unplanned for issues would arise and usurp the to-do list--another busy day without the search progressing.

You have a school to run, and our focus every day is running great searches. We will draft position descriptions, manage the advertising, actively recruit candidates, gather and organize candidate materials, conduct thorough initial interviews and present you with a honed, vetted candidate pool so your time is spent on reviewing strong candidates. We will help to schedule follow up interviews, campus visits and conduct thorough reference checking. We will support your search from start through successful conclusion.

The IT team can help navigate the additional challenges of internal or closely connected candidates, and we can encourage individuals not actively looking to consider the opportunity. We have a vast and strong network throughout the independent school world and an earned reputation for unwavering integrity. 

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Administrator Search support

The IT team recognizes that sometimes it makes sense for a school to manage its own search. If you are looking for an administrator and could use additional candidates to strengthen your pool, list the position with IT. There is NO FEE for listing a position with Independent Thinking, and we will not bombard you with stacks of candidates. We will pay close attention to your criteria, and we will ensure that a candidate is sincerely interested in exploring the position at your school before we introduce the candidate to you. 

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