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Independent Thinking,

a firm comprised of former independent school administrators and teachers, has been successfully partnering with schools since 2000 in the areas of administrator searches and program assessment.

Sixteen years ago,  IT was created to better meet the needs of schools and individuals searching for administrator positions, and now IT has expanded to better meet the needs of schools for all of their hiring needs.

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Are you a compelling candidate on paper?

Monday, June 09 2014

 Think about what you do when you are hiring: you go through the resume stack quickly and put them in "yes, no and maybe" piles after quick glances at what the individuals are currently doing and where they went to school. You will go back and read the yeses in depth and depending on numbers, you might go back to the maybe pile. Unless your search goes to pot, you will probably never go back to the no's—and maybe not even then.  As a candidate, your goal has to be to present your materials in such a way that you end up in as many yes piles as possible.

Head's up

Tuesday, April 15 2014

Why is it that administrators are often the last to get their contracts… And sometimes don’t even get a contract? Most schools have the timing of faculty contracts down to a science:  send them out in February following the Board meeting where the next year’s budget is ratified, and ask for them back prior or post spring break. But often administrators’ contracts seem to be treated as an after thought. Perhaps a head of school wants to carve out time to have a meaningful performance review conversation with each of his or her key administrators, but we all know that those positive review conversations often get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.

What are you looking for in your new Head of School

Friday, December 13 2013

This is a question we ask everyone when we are on a campus meeting with faculty, students, and parents as we begin the conversations to prepare for a Head of School search. Different schools, different needs but there are trends. One answer that might at first surprise is the one we hear consistently from faculty. Doesn't matter if the school is big or small, serves the big or small, or if it is a school 100 years old or ten.

Have You Thanked Your Search Committee Today?

Wednesday, October 19 2011

Alternate titles under consideration include:

  • Making a Plea for Thinking Positively or Everyone does Not have Evil Intentions
  • Maybe You Don't Know as Much as You Think
  • Join the Latest Self-Help Craze:  Fighting against the Human Tendency of "I could have done it better"

I am a school person. For the past 12 years I have worked with schools instead of in one day-to-day, but I am a school person.  Unfortunately some individuals within schools would argue vehemently against my self-descriptor because my now-professional title "Search Consultant" connotes all sorts of suspicion. Consultant is a dirty word within many school walls and I do kind of get it because our own disgruntlement with the profession was what encouraged my business partner and me to start Independent Thinking. I really don't worry too much about how I am viewed because I know I do good work; I know what I do adds great value, and I know that I help schools and that by really caring about helping a school find the right leader, I can help move a school forward.  I am a matchmaker and my abilities to get the culture of a school and to read people accurately make me very good at what I do.

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